Optimizing Filter Press Cloth Life and Cycle Time with Auto Cloth Washing

Thursday, March 23, 2017
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Customers are frequently asking us how they can optimize the performance and lifetime of their filter press cloth. As we have covered in a recent blog post, it is important – first and foremost – to ensure that the filter cloth being utilized is the correct choice of material, yarn fibers, weave, and finishing for your set of operating conditions. Micronics’ filtration experts can assist with optimal filter cloth selection.

Filter Press Cloth Washing System

Micronics’ Automatic Cloth Washing System helps extend filter cloth life and may be used with both sidebar and overhead bean presses.

Proper cloth cleaning is an important tool for extending cloth life and optimizing filter press performance. Many dewatering operations rely on manual cloth washing though this is typically inferior to the use of a highly-reliable, high-pressure Automatic Cloth Washing System.

Consistently washing the filter cloths at regular intervals has many performance benefits including improved cloth porosity, better cake discharge, drier cakes, longer cloth life, and optimized cycle time.

Micronics’ Automatic Cloth Washing System may be installed on both overhead filter presses and sidebar filter press models and PLC logic controls allow for both automatic plate movement and cloth washing without the need for operator intervention.

As is shown in this cloth washing video, Micronics’ Cloth Washing System employs fewer moving parts than other washer models on the market. Fewer moving parts mean less opportunity for system downtime.

In addition, all parts in “the wash zone” are made of stainless steel and UHME-PE for durability and reliability. Our Automatic Cloth Washing System is equipped with 34 nozzles that spray all the way to the edges of the filter plates so as to optimize the expedient removal of the filter cake.

To help with achieving a drier filter cake, the use of automatic bomb bay drip trays facilitates the protection of the discharged filter cake from the cloth washing liquid.

Contact us and talk with our filtration experts to learn more about whether an Automatic Filter Cloth Washing System is an appropriate option to improve filter press operations and extend your filter cloth life.