What Is Edge Sealing and How Can It Help Leakage in My Filter Press Operation?

Customers are frequently talking to us about helping them ensure a highly-efficient and leak-free filter press operation. So, let’s explore possible contributors to a “leaky” filter press operation and some of the remedies.

Did you know that a latex coating may be applied to the edges of a non-gasketed filter cloth to help prevent potential wicking of the filtrate? At Micronics’ state-of-the-art filter press cloth manufacturing operations in Chattanooga, TN synthetic rubber sealant edge treatments are applied to our filter cloth by highly experienced operators. This step helps to prevent premature cloth failure at critical areas such as the cloth edges.

Wicking of the filtrate may occur if filter cake sticks to the cloth, especially around the edges, potentially resulting in plate distortion and misalignment in closing the plate pack, and potential leaking in subsequent cycles. Applying a latex edge sealant creates a coating of the fabric at the joints of the filter plate, acting to prevent leaks. Use of an automatic cloth washing system is also very helpful in ensuring that filter cake doesn’t remain on the cloth between cycles.

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