Onsite Pilot Testing and Slurry Testing

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Slurry TestingNot sure if your slurry can be filtered? Think you might be able to get better cakes with a small process change? Have Micronics prove it with onsite slurry testing.

From small pressure filters to pilot-scale test presses, Micronics has several types of test equipment available that can be used for:

  • Filter Cloth Optimization
  • Improvements to An Existing Process
  • Feasibility of a New Process
  • Filter Press Sizing & Scalability

Test equipment is available for rental, with or without the services of an experienced Micronics technician. If Micronics conducts the testing, we will provide you with an invaluable, detailed report with specific recommendations, once the testing is concluded.

Are you familiar with our new, industry-leading bench-scale 150mm test press, the MicroPress? Learn more here.

Contact Micronics for more information about our on-site slurry or pilot testing.