Plate Shifter Retrofit: Reduction in Press Cycle Time & Operating Costs

Thursday, February 6, 2020
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Dan Murphy - Field Service and Aftermarket Parts Manager

Dan Murphy – Field Service and Aftermarket Parts Manager

Here’s one Micronics story told to us by our Field Service and Aftermarket Parts Manager, Dan Murphy, who has been working with customers’ filter press operations for 20 years.

Sometimes the answer doesn’t require a large capital expenditure; it’s about reviewing your filtration operation, putting problem-solving skills to work, and smartly identifying a cost-effective solution for an existing older filter press.

Plate Shifter Retrofit

The Challenge: Our service personnel recently went into a Micronics customer operation where the filter press shifter was broken, inoperable and, quite frankly, parts to repair the shifter in-kind were difficult to source.

The Solution: Micronics designed a cost-effective electro-hydraulic automatic plate shifter to replace the old air-operated semi-automatic plate shifter. We coupled the retrofit plate shifter with brand new filter plate handles for use with the plate shifter for a total shifter solution on an existing filter press.

Result: Reduction in Press Cycle Time and Operating Costs

Plate Shifter Retrofit Results

The overall result was reduction in press cycle time, a reduction in the number of operators required to run the press, and a safer operation.

Retrofitting the customer’s filter press with an automatic plate shifter eliminated the need for operator intervention during filter cake discharge. In fact, with the Micronics solution, the estimated savings is more than $20,000 per year in operational expense reduction.

The customer is very happy with Micronics’ creativity in providing a cost-effective filter press solution with improved efficiency, safety, and ergonomics. You can count on Micronics for filter presses, filter cloth, plates, on-site service, and a robust inventory of spare parts and accessories to ensure more press up-time.

Contact us for solutions to your filtration challenges. Whether your interest is in plate shifters or other options for improving your filter press equipment, Micronics is interested in your story.

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