Mechanical & Steel Repairs

As dust collectors get older, they can experience wear and corrosion that can have a negative effect on filter bag life and overall system performance.

With the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group and leading filtration brands – SOLAFT, AFT, CPE, UPC, NFM, and Filterfab – you can count on all the expertise needed for technically complex mechanical & steel repairs to your Air Pollution Control Systems across a wide range of markets and applications.

No matter how well-designed your APC equipment is, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and baghouse repairs are essential for optimizing baghouse performance and ensuring compliance.

Contact Us to let us know how we can be of service, whether in the field, in our In-House Dry Filtration laboratory, or with dust collection training courses and seminars.

Micronics’ crew members on our Dry Filtration Services team are certified and experienced to work in all atmospheres and confined spaces.

Our certified crews have deep field experience in a wide range of Mechanical and Steel Repairs on Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment including:

    • Hoppers
    • Housings
    • Tube sheets
    • Cleaning systems
    • Duct Work
    • Dampers
    • Pulse Pipes
    • Expansion Joints
    • Fan Housings
    • Access Doors


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