Case Study: Power Industry – USA

Eliminating Frequent Failed Bags in Coal-Fired Power Plant’s Baghouse

For this Coal-Fired Power plant, the Micronics team began with a thorough evaluation. We determined that a solution was needed that would clear the exposure of the filter media to the dust-laden gas stream blasting horizontally over the top of the inlet baffle.

The SOLAFT® StarBag™ was selected as the engineered filtration solution, providing an improved filtration area, also helping to lower the baghouse air-to-cloth ratio.

After an initial successful trial in 3 of the 14 compartments, the plant leadership was convinced that our SOLAFT® StarBag™ was the appropriate option for addressing the inherent issues with their baghouse system and proceeded with full baghouse deployment.

Learn more about this Power Plant success story below.



Failed Filter Bags

Before – Frequent Failed Filter Bags

A 650 MW power plant in south-central USA was operating a 14-compartment baghouse filtering flue gas from a boiler burning powder river basin coal. The client was experiencing frequent failed bags, typically with the failure mode being in the middle of the bag, just above the top of the inlet baffle.

The frequent bag failures meant increased maintenance expenses, plant operation at a reduced baghouse capacity, and an ongoing risk of being out of compliance with emissions requirements.

The power plant turned to us for a baghouse solution that would address the set of issues eroding the middle of the existing filter bags that had utilized 28-ft long filter bags with a 2-piece cage design.


StarBag Installation

After – SOLAFT® StarBag™ implementation resulted in
significantly improved baghouse performance

Our filter media selection resulted in only a 12-month ROI and numerous quantifiable improvements:

  • 99% baghouse demand availability.
  • Reduction in maintenance expenses from weekly expenditures to an annual inspection.
  • 30% reduction in differential pressure drop for our SOLAFT® StarBag™ vs. traditional bags.
  • 35% reduction in future baghouse changeout expenses since the SOLAFT® StarBag™ utilized a single-piece cage design vs. the prior 2-piece cage design.
  • Eliminating the ongoing threat of emissions excursions and associated penalties due to failed bags.

You can rely on the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group to be your proven single source for solving complex baghouse challenges.

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