Case Study: Coal Fired Power Industry – USA

Filter Media Upgrade in Coal-Fired Power Facility in Western USA Significantly Improves Baghouse Performance

For this Coal-Fired Power facility in the Western USA, Micronics needed to develop an upgraded filter media solution that would significantly improve baghouse performance.

Micronics presented a woven fiberglass fabric laminated with ePTFE membrane (surface filtration) as the filter media upgrade solution for the facility. Our filter media upgrade provided maximum dust collection efficiencies (PM2.5 standards), enhanced dust cake release, and lower filter drag (pressure drop) across the baghouse system.

The Micronics team fully and successfully executed the project in the early Spring of 2023. We performed on time, on-budget, and most importantly safely.

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The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group was contracted to provide 6,480 filter bags, hanging accessories, and Refurbishment Services for the ten (10) compartment Carborundum/Flakt (OEM) Reverse-Air Baghouse (RABH) that is filtering fly ash-laden flue gas from the bituminous Coal-fired Boiler.

The end user’s desire to refurbish their RABH was motivated by increased opacity excursions and reduced reliability of the Station due to baghouse-related issues such as increasing filter bag fatigue and pressure drop.

After a careful analysis of the baghouse issues, Micronics presented the end user with a filter bag media upgrade from their current conventional woven fiberglass fabric that required a dust cake present to promote maximum efficiencies (depth filtration).


We received Station data before and after the project’s completion. As a result of Micronics’ advanced filtration solution, there were numerous quantifiable benefits of our filter media upgrade work:

  • 62% increase in average power production from 122 MW (before) to 198 MW (after). This can be attributed to the filter media upgrade and the on-call reliability of the Station’s RABH. This increase further improves both availability to the grid and supports the Station’s commitment to maintaining full compliance with all environmental permitting requirements.
  • During the evaluation period, the RABH system’s differential pressure (DP) was maintained at a historical average of 5.3” WC, with increased flow provided by
    the ePTFE membrane filter bags. With our solution, the baghouse achieved more power output with similar DP across the system.
  • Opacity incidents were reduced from 22 during the year leading up to the renovation to zero (0) currently.
  • During the evaluation period, the RABH system’s ID fans – or induced draft fans – maintained their historical consumption amperage with the increased flow provided. The facility achieved more power output with no increase in amperage consumption.

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