Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Covers & Panels

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is a leader in performance filtration fabric solutions for Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Covers and Panels. We custom-design our filters to meet your specific filtration application.

One of our regional Technical Sales Managers will help you select the fabric that will optimize your application for performance and service life. We have developed high-performance non-woven fabrics as well as woven fabrics that significantly increase the operational time between cloth changes as well as increase efficiencies.

From highly abrasive Mining and Metal applications to very technical Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Food applications, we have come up with a solution to improve filter cloth performance. The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group has developed cloth washing solutions to make your cloth stay cleaner and last longer.

With thousands of fabrics on the shelf, Micronics has one that will help your process reach maximum performance levels for production and durability.  One of our textile engineers and your local Technical Sales Representative will work with you to design a unique fabric to fit your exact application.

We offer filter cloths in panels and covers made of woven and non-woven fabrics in all types of fibers and finishes including:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • PTFE
  • ePTFE Membrane

We provide filter cloth, parts, and accessories to the following industries:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Power Generation including FGD in Coal-fired Power Gen applications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverage

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Micronics Is Your Trusted Partner for Total Engineered Filtration Solutions. We offer end-to-end solutions from Filter Media to Industry-Leading Filtration Equipment, to Spare Parts & Accessories, to On-Site Field Services and In-House Laboratory Services. Whether for your Filter Press, Belt Press, Leaf Filter, Vacuum Filter, or Baghouse, you can count on Micronics’ deep industry and applications knowledge for the right engineered filtration solution to meet your needs. We look forward to working with your team.

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