Mining & Dewatering Presses

The LASTA MC (Mineral Concentrate) Filter Press

The Ideal, Proven Filter Press For High Capacity Dewatering of Mine Tailings & Mineral Concentrates
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To remain cost effective today, a mine’s daily filtration tonnage requirement needs to be met with fewer machines, providing high filter cake volumes, without operator intervention or frequent maintenance requirements. The LASTA MC (Ishigaki) dewatering presses deliver excellent performance with the features and benefits needed for efficient, reliable & cost-effective high production capacity filtration. It’s notably short cycle times translate into increased operational efficiencies and higher daily filtration tonnage.

Polypropylene filter plates are designed for high flow top center feed. Concentrate is delivered from both ends in a double-end feeding design. Filtrate discharges through large filtrate ports.

Cake air blow is via the filtrate manifold, delivered to the chambers via high wear replaceable filtrate port.

With the Lasta MC, cake discharge is fully automatic and designed for 24-hour operation in a harsh environment. The design of the filter chamber and separation of the cloth from the plate actuates cake discharge; any momentarily held cakes are dislodged by the cloth drop mechanism. Any residual sticking filter cakes are sensed by the cloth hanger bar resting on the vibrator tube. This condition actuates a vibration frequency designed to discharge all remaining cakes.

Cloth Washing – Fully Automatic and Rapid, < 1 minute

While cloth washing takes only ~30 seconds, it is one of the keys to economical, consistently high-volume filter press operations.

LASTA Cloth Wash

Cloth washing is application-specific and may be set for a total cloth wash:

  • After each cake discharge cycle
  • Rotating batches of cloth
  • After a specific number of cycles for water conservation


LASTA Cloth WashA unique feed device, attached to the filter cloth, provides excellent concentrate delivery into the chamber and a protective rubber layer is used to ensure a high number of cycles before filter cloths require changing.This protection allows many more options for filter cloth designs to be selected.

LASTA Recessed MembraneThe LASTA MC filter press can be configured with either recessed filter plates or combination membrane/companion recessed filter plates.

Membrane squeeze plates provide the option for squeezing at high pressure and can be used to shorten the cycle time and/or consolidate the filter cake for more effective air blow results. In the case of membrane plates, additional equipment is required to provide high pressure water for squeezing.

Service and Testing
A critical component of any filter press application is after-market service. Without technical support – when necessary – even sophisticated filtration equipment can become both unreliable and expensive to maintain.

With Micronics’ expert support, the LASTA MC will function as designed – efficient, cost effective, and highly reliable for high capacity filtration needs. Ishigaki and Micronics, Inc. have partnered to provide you with spare parts, service and application assistance required. We have a wealth of knowledge in the mining and mineral processing industry from which to draw upon.

Contact us to learn more about our high capacity mining and dewatering presses and how Micronics can put our industry expertise to work for your demanding high capacity dewatering requirements.

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