Skid Mounted Precoat Systems

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Skid-mounted precoat systems are designed and sized to work with your filter press. Smaller feed systems may be used to process chemical cleaning solutions and the squeeze liquor needed for membrane plate inflation.

Basic operation involves generating a slurry of precoat matter with either water or processed liquid. The slurry is then circulated through the filter back to the procoat skid until the appropriate depth of precoat is achieved.

Particles up to 1 μm fineness can be filtered out depending on the type of filter aid. Small quantities of filter aids can be added continuously when filtering heavily contaminated liquids in order to maintain the porosity of the filter cake.

If the maximum permissible pressure is reached during increasing contamination of the filter cake, the filter shall be cleaned by regeneration. Discharge and back flushing occur simultaneously. The feed pump is switched off if this pressure is exceeded.

Precoat systems can be configured and operated differently depending on the process and specific requirements. Contact us for advice on the benefits of these turnkey filtration products.