Gore® Low-Drag Reverse-Air Filter Bags

Micronics is pleased to be in an ongoing strategic partnership with W.L. Gore & Associates encompassing their GORE® Low Drag Filter Bags, for the steel industry and Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Baghouses. Our partnership with Gore underscores Micronics’ commitment to providing customers with reliable, cost-effective APC solutions that draw upon the latest technology breakthroughs for delivering baghouse cost and performance advantages.

This GORE® Low Drag Filter Bag is used in a Reverse-Air Dust Collector, and is ideally suited for EAF Baghouses in the Steel Industry where durability, consistent airflow performance and low particulate emissions are required. The filter bag is constructed using a proprietary PTFE membrane laminated to an acid-resistant woven Fiberglass and has a 500 degrees F. maximum service temperature along with total spark resistance.

The GORE® Low Drag Filter Bags deliver quantifiable performance advantages for Steel Industry Reverse-Air Baghouse Air Pollution Control systems based on 4 key parameters:

  • Increased baghouse airflow
  • Increased fan energy efficiency (20-30% decreased energy consumption)
  • Increased bag filtering efficiency
  • Increased bag life

Contact us or call us at 800.915.1273 (CPE brand) or 908.704.0330 (UPC brand) to learn more about our proven track-record of helping our steel industry customers improve baghouse operating efficiencies, reduce overall costs, and ensure that emissions meet regulatory limits.

Micronics’ service & maintenance teams look forward to working with you to see whether the innovative new GORE® Low Drag Filter Bags are a good fit for delivering significant performance and cost advantages to your baghouse.

If you haven’t already discussed this with your regional sales manager, please reach out so we can work with you on exploring the advantages of our varied filter media solutions for the steel industry including GORE® Low Drag Filter Bags for Reverse-Air EAF Steel Baghouses, as well as various non-membrane laminate options such our seamless polyester Reverse-Air bags and Pulse-Jet filter bags, all manufactured in our state-of-the art filter media factories.

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