Selecting the Proper Filter Cloth

Filter media refers to the material used to separate material in a process. Selecting the right filter media for a process can be tricky. Choosing the right filter fabric is a matter of balancing the following factors: Type of Filter, Cake Release, Cleanability, Particle Size, Particle Size Distribution, Particle Shape, Chemistry/Temperature, and Overall Load.

Type of Filter

The type of machine determines the overall strength needed for the filter media. Fabric that may work well on one type of machine may not work at all on another. Tensile strength, elongation properties, flexibility, and durability of the cloth are all important considerations in filter cloth selection. Different types of filters hold and pull the fabric in different ways. Some fabrics may work well with one type of equipment, but not with another because of how it stretches, bends, and holds up to stress in the application.

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