Need Replacement Filter Press Cloth for Your Plates?

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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filter press cloth

You can turn to Micronics for high-quality filter cloth for every type of filter plate and configuration. Pictured here, and shown on a 470mm CGR filter plate, is a versatile Micronics mono/multi filter cloth used for metal hydroxides and a host of other demanding applications.

High-quality filter press cloth is the foundation for an excellent filter press operation. Micronics provides you with high-quality filter press cloth for ALL types of filter presses and filter plates, including yours. These cloth styles include:

  • Filter cloth for Recessed, Gasketed Plates (“CGR”)
  • Filter cloth for Non-Gasketed (“NG”) Plates
  • Filter cloth for Center Feed Plates
  • Filter cloth for Corner Feed Plates
  • Filter press cloth for ANY feed location including top center, bottom center, external feed, and double feed
  • Filter cloth for Membrane Filter Plates
  • Filter cloth for Traditional Plate and Frame Filter Plates
  • Special filter press cloth for large-scale mining filter plates
  • Single Panel filter cloth
  • Double Panel filter cloth
  • Drape-Over filter cloth

We will get you outfitted with Head and Tail Cloths and Intermediate Cloths and ensure that you have the right filter cloth for your filter cloth operation, what you are filtering, the pH and temperature of your slurry, and a variety of other factors.

We’ll help you with cloth installation tips or you can even ship your plates back to us for expert filter cloth installation on your plates right in our Dover, NH facility.

Contact us to request a quote for the best filter cloth out there, unparalleled applications expertise, and responsive Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Field Service professionals. That is the power of the Micronics Engineered Filtration brand.