Municipal Water Treatment Solutions & Lime Softening

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Did You Know? The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group offers large filter presses and industry-leading filter cloth & accessories for municipal water treatment plants.

Micronics Filter Press 1500mm SideThese large presses – often 1500mm presses – are used for filtering lime waste from the lime softening process. Designs offered include Sidebar, Quad Sidebar, and Overhead Beam. Our filter presses are engineered and manufactured to meet your filtration needs and requirements.

As most readers know, “hard water” contains high levels of dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium and the lime softening process removes – or precipitates out – the ions that contribute to hard water. Once the water is softened using lime, these precipitated solids need to be removed.

Micronics is a leader in these types of liquid-solid separation processes where the high solid cakes (in this case, consisting mostly of lime) can be economically disposed of. For these processes, cake solids (% dry solids by weight) are typically 50-65%. The clear filtrate can be used in the overall water treatment process for ultimately providing communities with clean drinking water.

If you are looking to add lime softening to your centralized water treatment process, Micronics can assist municipalities – large and small – with the best engineered filtration solution. Automatic cloth wash systems and acid wash systems are common features for these filtration solutions.

We are also happy to assist your municipal water treatment facility with all the disposables you need to keep your filter press running with minimal downtime. This includes filter cloth, filter plates, plate hangers, brackets, hydraulic systems, and many other spare parts and accessories. Micronics offers abrasion-resistant filter cloth fabrics for these type of applications and our textile experts work to optimize material selection to give you the most efficient and effective dewatering operation.

Municipalities are not the only ones to successfully use lime. Many industrial companies have processes which generate acidic wastewater and lime can be economically used to neutralize these acidic wastewaters, while precipitating out various metals for recovery.

Quad Press 1200mm

1200mm “Quad” Filter Press, which allows the filter plates to be easily removed from the top of the press

Contact us for more information about Micronics’ filter press solutions if you are considering adding lime softening to your plant or to further optimize your existing dewatering of lime slurries. With Micronics, we have you covered. “Engineered Filtration” is our middle name.

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