Filter Press Cloth for Large-Scale Fracking Operations

Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Did you know that Micronics manufactures industry-leading filter press cloths for all makes and models of filter presses & filter plates AND… for diverse industrial applications such as “fracking,” mining and mineral processing, refineries, and chemical manufacturing?


When it comes to “fracking” – or hydraulic fracturing to be exact – a great deal of water is used for the extraction of oil and gas, to the tune of some 3000 – 9000 gallons of water per well! Large-scale filter presses are used for the liquid/solid separation process, and Micronics has the trusted expertise for supplying the filter press cloth that is ideal for these hydraulic fracturing presses.

We select and fabricate the right filter cloth for your specific requirements including cloth for reducing scaling, reducing cloth blinding, dealing with abrasive slurries, improving cake release, and reducing cycle times. We take care of optimizing all the fabric selection details including material, warp, weft, weave, weight, finish and permeability so you can be assured of the right material to optimize your large-scale operation, regardless of who the press OEM may be. For instance, we supply high-quality filter press cloth for Matec, McLanahan, and Diemme filter presses, among others.

Micronics offers gasketed, non-gasketed, plate and frame, membrane, drape-over replacement filter cloths, and more!

Contact us to request a filter cloth quotation for your large-scale filter cloth requirements for frac sand. Take advantage of our shorter lead times, superior applications expertise, great products, and excellent customer service.