Need High-Performance Intermediate, Head, Tail Filter Cloths & Filter Plates?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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1000mm Micronics Filter Press

Turn to Micronics for high-performance filter cloths and filter plates

If you are a filter cloth user, you already know that there are three distinct cloth types that you need to order and reorder. The bulk of the filter cloths you use are the “Intermediate” Cloths, which are the cloths for the filter plates between the Head Plate and the Tail Plate. The Head Cloth is often a single panel cloth with a hole in the center but there are other configurations for Head Cloths such as drape over (overhang) cloths, and barrel-neck cloths.

Remember that the majority of head plates are bolted back to the feed head so you will be installing and removing the Head Cloth with the plate attached to the filter press. You can review this video about how to install a “Head” cloth on a filter press.

The Tail Cloth is the last cloth – a single cloth, drapeover cloth, or barrel-neck cloth. The design depends on the press manufacturer and/or the operating requirements.

Whether you are looking to improve cake release, ensure that cakes are denser/drier, or improve your filtrate clarity, you can turn to the filtration experts at Micronics.

And don’t forget all the accessories like dog pegs and dog peg washers and zip ties for your NG recessed plates and Micronics air hammers and polypropylene wedges for making installation of your CGR filter cloths a breeze.

Contact your Micronics Sales Representative to assist you with your Head Cloth, Intermediate Cloths, and Tail Cloth needs – and accessories – for optimizing your filter press operation.

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