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January Maintenance Tip of the Month: Maintain Good Housekeeping Practices and Perform Regularly Scheduled Cleaning for the Superb Performance of Your Filter Press

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
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Good housekeeping – along with regular scheduled cleaning – are vital ingredients to the overall performance of your filter press. Dirty work areas not only cause safety concerns, but solids that may not completely exit the filter press during filter cake drop can cause operating concerns, maintenance issues, and budgetary setbacks.

Prioritizing housekeeping in your press operation is a great way to start 2021 off on the right foot! Dan Murphy, Micronics’ Filter Press Service and Parts Manager, recommends that the following guidelines be applied – at a minimum – to good housekeeping in your filter press operation:

1. Filter Plates

Filter plates are essential to the filtration process.  Keeping them clean and free of debris will increase their useful life and save immeasurable hours of unnecessary clean-up. Such cleaning is required during the dropping of filter cake EACH AND EVERY CYCLE, particularly around the filter plates’ sealing surfaces.

Failure to do such cleaning of plate surfaces could cause “blow-outs,” resulting in large amounts of slurry discharging from the press, between the filter plates.

Dirty vs Clean Filter Press

2. Hydraulic Shifter Tracks and Sidebar Cap

The hydraulic shifter system aids in cake discharge, allowing for only a single operator at the press during cake discharge.  Take care to keep the shifter tracks, shifter rails, park bracket, end of travel (EOT) bracket, and the shifter carriages free of debris and solids buildup.  The filter plates should slide across the sidebar cap smoothly. The presence of any solids could cause a misalignment of the filter plates.

Following this guidance regarding hydraulic shifter tracks also will help decrease the wear on your filter plate handles and increase useful service life, both for plate handles and for the shifter system.

Dirty vs Clean Filter Press 2

3. Hydraulic Pressure Unit (HPU)

The Hydraulic Pressure Unit (HPU) system drives the hydraulic components of the filter press. The HPU should be kept free from all types of debris and contaminants.  Small particles of debris can inadvertently enter the system during routine filter press maintenance.  Contaminants that enter the system can have devastating operational effects, causing unplanned maintenance and repair.

Dirty vs Clean Hydraulic Pressure Unit

Contact us so that we may put our expertise to work in your filter press operation. Micronics is pleased to work with you on filter cloth selection for your specific press operation to enhance cake discharge and improve cloth life, if you have been experiencing challenges. We are pleased to offer a full range of on-site and in-house laboratory filtration services. But, as Dan says, good housekeeping goes a long way to the optimization of your press operation! Wishing you and your team a great 2021!