Filter Presses In-Stock and Ready-to-Ship to Meet Your Dewatering Needs Now

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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In-Stock Filter Presses

When short lead time is a primary consideration, turn to Micronics for our In-Stock, Ready-to-Ship Filter Presses from our Filter Press Manufacturing facility in Dover, NH. We’ll help you meet your production goals. Give the Micronics team a call – we are committed to your success.

Did you know that the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group has a robust In-Stock, Ready-to-Ship Filter Press Program?

Our in-stock, ready-to-ship presses include the following models:

  • 630 mm/6.6 cubic foot manually-operated filter press
  • 800 mm/16 cubic foot filter press
  • 1000 mm/25 cubic foot filter press with automatic plate shifter
  • 1200 mm/100 cubic foot filter press with automatic plate shifter

All our filter presses come equipped with a complete set of industry-leading filter cloth that marry with our plates and our presses to give you consistent, great filtration performance.

Yes, we excel in custom-engineered filtration equipment. Customers turn to us and our knowledgeable, down-to-earth and friendly sales and applications engineering team to determine the solution that is just right for your application whether edible oils, resource recovery, waste treatment, metal finishing, or many other industries.

But when short to no lead time is a primary consideration, and you need to get that dewatering project up-and-running ASAP to meet your production goals, it is reassuring to know that Micronics has a selection of in-stock filter presses, ready to meet or exceed your expectations (and your boss’s expectations).

From our Sales and Applications team to Filter Press Operation Manager to our CEO, we understand that time is a competitive lever in your marketplace, and in ours.

Contact us to review the specifications and pricing for our In-Stock, Ready-to-Ship Presses and let us help you meet your goals today. To speed up the process, feel free to fill out the short form here with info about your slurry.