Benefits of Vacuum-Assisted Filtration in Creating Exceptionally Dry Filter Cakes

Monday, June 12, 2017
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Vacuum Assisted Filter Press

Micronics’ innovative Vacuum-assisted Filter Presses are helping customers across multiple industries and applications achieve 95% dry solids or better with our industry-leading high heat transfer vacuum membrane filter plates.

You have no doubt heard the terms plate and frame, overhead beam, and sidebar filter presses in conjunction with liquid/solid pressure filtration equipment. But you may not be aware of our  “Vacuum Filter Presses.

Vacuum Filter Presses are really shorthand for “vacuum-assisted filter presses” which use special, high heat transfer (HHT) vacuum membrane filter plates to produce bone-dry filter cakes, in conjunction with other specialty vacuum drying equipment such as a heated squeeze skid and vacuum skid.

When Micronics talks about achieving “bone-dry filter cakes” with a heated vacuum-assisted-drying filter press, it means our ability to achieve a dramatic 95% dry solids or better.

Why do we focus so extensively on filtration solutions to create very dry filter cakes?

Vacuum Filter Press

The more moisture is removed during the vacuum-assisted pressure filtration process, the less waste material that there is to haul and landfill.

In short, we do so because of the significant value created for our customers in your operations! For example, in industries processing precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum, vacuum-assisted filtration plays a vital role.

Precious metal concentrates need to be very, very dry before melting in a crucible and pouring bars or ingots. If the concentrated metals are not bone dry, the metal pops, crackles, and splashes out of the crucible or bar mold. This is problematic both relative to product yield as well as safety. To put this in context, a “standard” filter press might achieve 40% dry solids, a membrane-squeeze filter press might achieve 50% dry solids, and a Micronics Vacuum Filter Press could achieve 95% solids.

Micronics is committed to helping our customers with advanced, cost-effective filtration solutions that help improve operational efficiencies and support the environment.

Creating drier filter cakes is a best practice employed by many clients for saving on hauling and conserving material going to landfill. The more moisture that you remove during the pressure filtration process, the less industrial waste volume there is to haul to the landfill. That’s more money in your pocket.

Creating bone-dry cakes is both a benefit for waste applications as well as applications in which the cake material is the product itself. Other applications for Micronics’ vacuum-assisted filter press solutions include pharmaceuticals and biotech and a variety of other demanding chemical industry applications requiring exceptionally high dry solids.

Contact us to learn more about our Vacuum Filter Presses as well as our full range of custom and standard filter press designs & options. Our team is eager to discuss your unique industrial filter press applications.