Adjusting the Capacity of Your Filter Press

Monday, July 3, 2017
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As with so many things, the solution to expanding the capacity of your filter press lies in advance planning: Anticipating growing needs of your operation.

When planning for your new filter press, we highly encourage you to plan for production growth by specifying and purchasing an expandable press right at the get-go.

Did you know that not all filter presses are expandable? In fact, the vast majority of them are not inherently designed for expansion. By purchasing a filter press with a frame that is large enough to accommodate more plates in the future and purchasing an “expansion piece,” you are wisely anticipating your operation’s growth trajectory. Plus, you can save money now by not purchasing all of the plates and filter cloth upfront.

Many of our customers purchase an expansion piece upfront because they want the flexibility to ensure they can meet their company’s production goals even if they are not 100% sure of production rates or have uncertainty in the numbers for initially sizing the press. Perhaps you can relate.

Filter Press Expansion Piece

This 630 mm filter press is shown with an “expansion piece” to allow for additional plates. On a smaller capacity filter press such as the 630 mm, when this expansion piece is removed, adding more filter plates to the press allows you to increase press capacity.

What Kind of Capacity Increases Can I Expect?
With the 630 mm filter press, when removing the expansion piece, it is not uncommon to be able to literally double the press capacity. On 1200 mm filter presses, use of the expansion piece may yield an additional 10% bump in capacity, which can make all the difference. The expansion piece ranges in price between $800 and $1800, depending upon the diameter and length; it is a minor expense given the flexibility that it affords. Besides getting the expansion piece, what you essentially are also getting is an upgrade to the main frame of the press to accommodate future expansion.

What If I Need to Decrease the Capacity of My Press? Can I Simply Remove Plates?
The short answer is no – you cannot simply remove plates. However, Micronics can provide you with a blanking plate (back-up plate) if you need to reduce the capacity of your filter press. A blanking plate is a 2” or 3” thick polypropylene slab with handles.

You may find that your filter press frame is too big for your application, which makes filling the chambers more difficult. A blanking plate is useful for this situation as well. By incorporating the blanking plate, customers can “short stack” their press to reduce press capacity to meet their current production needs.

Whatever your situation, Micronics’ pressure filtration experts can help you with adjusting the capacity of your filter press to meet your operating conditions.

Contact us to discuss your new filter press requirements. Allow us to help you build in flexible options including use of an expansion piece; proper selection of filter plates and cloth for optimizing press performance; automatic cloth washing system; fully automatic plate shifters; automatic drip trays; safety features such as safety light curtains; and more.