Filtration Process Optimization

Not Just Engineered Filtration Products... Process Optimization Expertise

Micronics’ process optimization services include a complete evaluation of your current filtration process or filter press cycle, testing (pilot-scale or with existing equipment), and a detailed report with specific recommendations for real process improvements. Some of the things we look for:

  • If cake discharge and/or cake moisture can be improved
  • If the cycle time and/or total throughput can be improved
  • If manpower dedicated to the filter press can be reduced
  • If compressed air use is effective and efficient
  • If the filter plates and filter cloths are the ones best suited to the market/application, process, and equipment
  • If there are gains to be made in energy efficiency
  • If ancillary equipment (pumps, tanks, valves) is appropriately sized and used

Micronics understands that your filtration equipment is only part of your process, and our experienced technicians recognize that the solution to a tough filtration problem is sometimes found upstream or downstream of the filter press itself.

Make sure the company you call on for help can not only fix your filter press but also serve as a true partner in your filtration process. Contact Micronics today for more information about how we can put our expertise to work for you.