Preventive Maintenance

Maximize Filter Press Uptime Through Preventative Maintenance

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Filter Press MaintenancePreventative filter press maintenance is one of the keys to ongoing efficient, reliable and trouble-free filter press operations. Tapping into Micronics’ years of engineered filtration experience, you can ensure that your filter press runs at peak efficiency, translating into long-term cost savings.

Our technicians have over 100 years combined experience with filter presses of all makes and models, sizes and types. We can determine if the equipment is being maintained properly, is working correctly and safely, and is operating as efficiently as possible. A typical on-site preventative maintenance visit includes:

  • A detailed safety inspection evaluating alarms, relief valves, personnel guarding, etc.
  • Mechanical and electrical checks on press components and related systems
  • A performance evaluation to determine if any process improvements can be made
  • An evaluation of spares inventory, with recommendations to ensure minimal press downtime
  • Hands-on training with operators and maintenance personnel

During the on-site visit, our technicians will meet with operators, supervisors, maintenance personnel, and purchasing agents to ensure that each has the information needed to maintain the filter press operation at peak efficiency. Micronics will produce a detailed report with specific recommendations for improved operating performance, enhanced safety measures, better filter press maintenance practices, and smarter spare parts inventory. We can also include quotes for any recommended spares, system upgrades, and/or press refurbishments.

Contact Micronics today to arrange for a preventative maintenance site visit, and let us help get your filter press running like new.