Vertical Tower Pressure Filters

The Rotofilt-NFM Automatic Vertical Pressure Filter is a semi-continuous filter applied on variable volume conditions with horizontal plates. It commonly operates with short cycle times — usually less than 10 minutes — to form, wash, and dry porous filter cakes with 16 bar pressure. This filter works best with medium to low cake resistance filter cakes such as clays and dyestuffs. Floor space is small; the critical dimension is height. Operator manpower is reduced because the filter operates continuously with full automation.

Our Automatic Vertical Pressure Filter uses the slurry feed pump to uniformly fast fill the horizontal chamber plates. Then, cake washing and dewatering are accomplished with rubber diaphragms inflating against the cake. The compressed cake eliminates the risk of cake cracking so both the wash solute and final air blow thoroughly diffuse the cake.

When discharging the filter cake, the endless filter fabric is driven from all the filter plates simultaneously. The filter cakes discharge from both sides at the same time. The filter fabric also is washed on both sides in an enclosed belt wash box.

The machine can be fabricated with a wide range of materials such as steel of AISI 304, 316, 316L, and 316Ti. The filter plates can be fabricated from similar metals or with molded polypropylene.

Operating Principles:

  • Slurry Feed with Fast Fill
  • Pre-Squeeze with Low Bladder Pressure
  • First Cake Wash
  • Second Cake Wash Cake Wash (Optional)
  • Fresh Water Wash-Rinse
  • Final Squeeze with High Bladder Pressure
  • Air/Nitrogen Blowdown
  • Cake Discharge with Filter Belt Cleaning

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