Nylon Filter Press Cloth

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Micronics’ new heavyweight nylon filter cloth, MINE-XLL shown after a month’s use under rugged conditions.

Nylon filter cloth is getting increasing attention as a Filter Cloth material, particularly since the launch of Micronics’ new MINE-XLL filter cloth.

Some of the key advantages of Nylon Filter Cloth over other filter cloth materials such as polypropylene are its:

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Resistance to premature failure
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent cake release

Nylon’s higher tensile strength over polypropylene provides needed strength and resistance to premature failures, as has been seen in MINE-XLL performance.

Nylon Filter Cloth offers excellent alkali resistance though is not well-suited to high acid applications.

Read about Micronics’ new heavyweight nylon filter cloth for mining applications in International Filtration News.

Contact us to learn about selecting the right nylon filter cloth for your demanding application whether in mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, or other demanding applications. Explore filter cloth selection with the experts at Micronics.