Filter Cloth Attachment

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Filter Cloth Mining Slide AttachmentFrom yarn fiber materials, yarn designs, weave patterns, to how the feed neck is attached to the filter cloth and how the cloth is attached to the filter plates, every decision affects operational excellence.

There are various methods for filter cloth attachment to filter plates. Attachments may be stitched, welded, or machine-assembled to provide durable construction. Peg eyelets, cloth castellation & rod suspension are used to carry the cake weight. Side-tie eyelets and reinforced holes keep the cloth flat and positioned correctly.

Use of VELCRO® brand fasteners* provides a lapping joint, which has superior strength and keeps the cloth aligned correctly throughout the many months of operational life. As an attachment, VELCRO® brand fasteners* makes for easy cloth repositioning or releasing for plate inspection or adjustment.

Contact us to discuss the details of filter cloth selection for your operation. Turn to the filter cloth experts at Micronics to help you in generating cost savings and improving operating efficiencies.

* VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.

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