Calendering & Quality Control

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Calendering is an important finishing treatment in filter cloth production. During the calendering stage, the filter cloth is stabilized in preheating machinery. Final surface finishing and permeability is achieved with high speed calenders – heated, polished, steel rolls – which press the fabric, making the surface smooth and compact, and further “setting” the cloth.

QC Testing

During the finishing process, accurate permeability readings are taken “on the fly,” as the fabric feeds through the calender stack. After “on the fly” QC, the jumbo rolls are re-rolled into 100-yard packages. A laboratory analysis of each roll is conducted including weight, thread count and permeability; the roll is ticketed with an individual serial number and released to Micronics’ warehouse. Micronics offers an extensive inventory of durable, high quality, high performance filter cloth materials, customized for each customer’s exacting application.

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