Mining Filter Press Cloth

Filter Press Cloth from Micronics is the secret ingredient to optimizing your mine’s press operations

Benefit from Micronics' Short Filter Cloth Lead Times
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Mining Filter Cloth OperationsOur high-quality filter press cloth is well-suited to your demanding mining operations including:

  • Dewatering Mine Tailings (Dry Stacked Tailings Management)
  • Dewatering Mineral Concentrates
  • Merrill-Crowe Process

Micronics manufactures filter press cloth in two state-of-the-art filter media manufacturing facilities in Chattanooga, TN, USA, and in Saltillo, Mexico.

NEW – Micronics is proud to announce the introduction of a brand new heavyweight NYLON filter cloth. It’s called MINEXLLTM Filter Cloth, and it was developed & tailored specifically to significantly lengthen filter cloth life in mining/mineral processing applications. The need for frequent filter cloth changeouts in the mining industry is now no longer a fact of life!

Learn about Micronics’ new nylon mining filter press cloth, results of rigorous testing at numerous mine sites, and how use of MINEXLL has already been shown to substantially increase productivity in mine filter press dewatering operations. Read more on our blog.

Micronics has the best Overall Capabilities, Turnaround, Quality, Performance, Applications Expertise…and innovative new products that meet your mine’s needs!

Whomever the Filter Press OEM, we’ve got your back. Micronics manufactures Filter Press Cloth for ALL makes and models of mining presses including popular 2.0m x 2.0m and 2.5m x 2.5m filter presses.

We are so very proud of our filter cloth production team including our laser cutting team, highly-experienced sewing staff, our expert welded feed neck operators & our latexing team. Everything we do is aimed at not just meeting but exceeding your expectations:

Filter Cloth Manufacturing
  • Industry-leading lead times
  • Abrasion-resistant cloth for highly-abrasive mining slurries
  • Cloth suitable for high-velocity slurries
  • Cloth that is easy and fast to changeout
  • Options for minimizing leakage
  • Good cake release
  • Very low cake moisture
  • Clear filtrate
  • Now – Extra-long cloth life with MINEXLL Filter Cloth

Download Mining Filter Press Cloth brochure – English

Download Mining Filter Press Cloth brochure – Spanish

Contact us to reorder your mining filter cloth and enjoy the benefits of our new shorter lead times to better serve your mine’s needs!  You can trust the Micronics brand of filter cloth.

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