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Rules of Thumb: Filter Press Plates and Out of Balance Pressures

Filter Press Plates

Damage to filter press plates more often than not occurs because of out of balance pressures. One sign of out of balance pressures is when there are uneven filter cakes or much thicker cakes in one chamber vs. the adjacent chamber. Circumstances that can lead to out of balance pressures Different permeability of the filter… Read more »

Is A Stainless Steel Clad Filter Press Right for My Application?

Stainless Steel Filter Press

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group has long-standing expertise in stainless steel, both with solid stainless steel filter frames and presses entirely clad in high-quality stainless steel. We also provide filter presses with stainless steel liner pipes and sanitary tri-clamp connections. Every operating environment is different but some major reasons to specify a filter press clad… Read more »