Filter Presses by Micronics for Any Application

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
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Filter PressAt Micronics Inc, we pride ourselves on providing a full spectrum of industries with the filter presses, accessories and service their specific applications require. From the heaviest duty projects to highly specialized filtration systems, Micronics Inc will engineer an optimized solution for your business.

Mining Filter Press
These high speed, high capacity filters are fully automatic and streamline the filtering process for mining operations. By implementing a system by Micronics, professionals in the mining industry are able to work more efficiently and with less frequent maintenance. The filter cloth washing cycle can be completed in less than 1 minute, and set to a system’s individual requirements. There are customizable filter plate configurations available to further tailor the filtration system to your application.

Vacuum Filter Press
Utilizing Micronics’ specialized high heat transfer filter plates, vacuum assisted filter presses boast filtration and cake drying in one step, saving your business time. The patented vacuum atmosphere paired with high temperature water allows for quicker cycling and unsurpassed precision of cake dryness targeting.

Special Filter Press
Many customers opt for Micronics’ fully automatic Rollbar filter press. This fully automatic machine cycles and mechanically expels filter cake from all filter chambers. Stainless steel filter presses are also an option, depending on a client’s particular application. No matter how precise or seemingly specialized your filtration needs are, the experienced professionals of Micronics Inc will handle your project with expert care and knowledge.

Small Filter Press
For low capacity needs, Micronics’ small filter presses are ideal. Cake disposal options include cake carts, drum disposal or platforms, depending on your operations’ specific requirements. Stainless steel systems are available for food or laboratory grade needs.

High Capacity Filter Presses
For industrial purposes, Micronics offers large scale filtration equipment. From sludge dewatering to water filtration systems, to chemical handling, our engineers tailor a system to specifically suit your business’ stringent specifications. Both open filtrate and closed filtrate systems are part of our most popular high capacity filtration lineup, as well as manual and automatic overhead models. We offer full support for the installation, technician training and servicing of all of our filter presses.