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Is the Rollbar Filter Press Right for Your Filtration Application?

Advanced Filtration Systems

Micronics Engineered Filtration offers a full range of standard and custom filter presses for your applications, large and small. For smaller-scale applications (1-20 cubic feet) that need to run without significant operator assistance, the Micronics Rollbar Filter Press may be just what you are looking for. The Rollbar filter is fully automatic and provides for… Read more »

Air-Over-Oil Hydraulic Power Unit Retrofit

The Challenge Micronics routinely goes on-site and performs a complete inspection on filter presses across a wide range of customer industries and geographies. Inspections and routine press maintenance are critical to maximizing your press’ performance! We perform inspections on Micronics presses as well as other OEMs’ filter presses. While on a recent service call to… Read more »

Micronics Manufactures Filter Media in Two Plants in North America to meet your needs… even during these uncertain times

We wanted to update you on what we are doing to limit risks and ensure less disruption to our customers’ operations during these uncertain times of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Micronics’ two filter media manufacturing plants are CURRENTLY fully operational and capable of producing the same high-quality filter cloth to minimize any risks to you…. Read more »

Tailings Management Solutions

Did You Know? Micronics is a leader in providing dewatering solutions for tailings management. Our solutions contribute to both our clients’ environmental stewardship and maximizing water reuse. In the mining and mineral processing industries, the term “tailings” refers to waste materials that remain after the desired minerals have been extracted from the mined ore in… Read more »

HPU Retrofit for Increased Filter Press Efficiency & Enhanced Operational Safety

Dan Murphy, Micronics’ Field Service and Aftermarket Parts Manager, recently shared a story about our filtration solution that improved overall safety and press efficiency at a leading life sciences customer with two 800mm 23-chamber presses & air-over-oil hydraulics. Micronics routinely goes on-site and performs a complete inspection on filter presses across a wide range of… Read more »

Plate Shifter Retrofit: Reduction in Press Cycle Time & Operating Costs

  Here’s one Micronics story told to us by our Field Service and Aftermarket Parts Manager, Dan Murphy, who has been working with customers’ filter press operations for 20 years. Sometimes the answer doesn’t require a large capital expenditure; it’s about reviewing your filtration operation, putting problem-solving skills to work, and smartly identifying a cost-effective… Read more »

Micronics Recognizes “America Recycles Day”

America Recycles

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group is happy to recognize “America Recycles Day” and to celebrate our many clients who utilize our advanced Engineered Filtration Solutions for safe, sustainable processes around surface finishing, recycling of lead-acid batteries, among others. If you are a recycler, take advantage of Micronics’ In-stock filter presses – such as our 630mm… Read more »

Interested in High-Quality Mining Filter Press Cloth?

Polypropylene Cloth

Micronics is a proven leader in Mining Filter Cloth for a host of mining, mineral processing & metallurgy applications, including but not limited to processing of high-value metals such as: Silver Gold Copper Zinc Lead Chromium Felted Polypropylene Filter Cloth Micronics’ superior quality polypropylene felted filter cloth is shown here at work in a demanding… Read more »