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Filter Cloth Troubleshooting: Ten Symptoms to Be On the Lookout Regarding Filter Press Cakes & Filtration Process

Filter Cloth Troubleshooting

Proper filter cloth selection goes a long way in ensuring a trouble-free press operation with excellent cake formation. However, you may be experiencing telltale signs that something is wrong. Here are Ten Symptoms to be on the lookout for regarding your filter press cakes and filtration process: 1. Sticking Filter Cakes 2. Sludge Blows Out… Read more »

Filter Press Sizing Chart – Some Helpful Guidelines from Micronics Engineered Filtration

Every filter press requirement is different and Micronics Engineered Filtration is here to assist you in designing and building the optimal filter press for your unique application and operation. Micronics has experienced application engineers who will carefully review your application and determine sizing based on all the known parameters and considerations. In a typical month,… Read more »

Monthly Maintenance Tip: Keep Filter Plate Sealing Surfaces Clean

Filter Plate Sealing Surface Inspection

Maintenance Tip of the Month – November Dan Murphy, Micronics’ Field Service and Spare Parts Manager, is very pleased to share this Maintenance Tip of the Month for your liquid-solid separation equipment: Minimize costly potential press problems by regularly inspecting your filter plates and asking the important question, “Are My Plate Sealing Surfaces Clean and… Read more »

Benefits of Vacuum-Assisted Filtration in Creating Exceptionally Dry Filter Cakes

Vacuum Assisted Filtration

Micronics has previously blogged on the benefits of vacuum-assisted Filtration and, in particular, the benefits of Micronics “VP” Vacuum Filter Presses, one of the press products in Micronics’ extensive portfolio of filter press models and technologies. In-situ drying – drying within the Filter Press – has become an increasingly popular and significant trend worthy of… Read more »

Contact Micronics for Replacement Membrane Skins for Your Legacy Edwards & Jones (E&J) Brand Membrane Filter Plates

Are you operating an Edward & Jones (E&J) brand filter press or a filter press with E&J steel-reinforced, rubber molded Membrane Filter Plates? All is not lost! Micronics can still support your legacy press and filter plate needs. In 2013, the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group purchased the molds and tools for the manufacturing of Replacement… Read more »

Micronics’ HPR Feed Neck Design Improves Filter Press Cloth Performance

Are you looking for improved filter cloth & filter press performance? Did you know that Micronics’ unique high-performance welded feed neck design – dubbed “HPR” – is a superior filter cloth design feature for use on recessed filter plates? Did you know that our HPR Feed Necks could give you just the performance advantages you… Read more »

Micronics Delivers Two Completely Customized 1500mm Filter Presses Plus Start-up & Commissioning for Leading Zinc Purification Process Plant in Latin America

A leading Latin American metallurgical company needed sophisticated new filter press solutions for its “Hot” and “Cold” Zinc Purification process and turned to Micronics for needed upgrades. The client’s zinc purification process is a long-standing installation consisting of multiple filter presses running in-line in a closed loop fashion. For this client, the pure dilute zinc… Read more »

How Are Filter Presses Being Successfully Used in the Circular Economy?

Circular Economy:  Resource Recovery, Recycle and Reuse In the circular economy, the reuse of raw materials is optimized so that at the end of a product’s life cycle, many of the resources used to create it are recovered, recycled, and reused. This is in contrast to a linear economy with a take-make-dispose system. According to… Read more »