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Volume of Slurry per Day/Batch Gal m^3
% Dry Solids by Weight in Slurry % %
% Dry Solids by Weight in Filter Cake % %
Compacted Bulk Density of Dry Solids (SG) (SG) g/cc
Specific Gravity of Liquid (Filtrate)
Number of Filtration Cycles per Day/Batch
Number of Filter Presses
Specific Gravity of Slurry
Density of Slurry lbs/gal g/cc
Total Weight of Slurry per Day/Batch lbs tons
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Wet Bulk Density of Filter Cake lbs/ft^3 g/cc
Total Volume of Filter Cake Per Day/Batch ft^3 m^3
Total Filter Capacity Required ft^3 m^3
Capacity of Each Filter Press ft^3 m^3

Use when % solids in slurry less than 1% depending on application.
Flow Rate of Feed Solution gpm 227.1 m^3/h
Daily % Availability (% of 24hr day) % 95 %
Flow/Area Filtration Rate (0.1 to 0.3 typical) gpm/ft^2 0.244 m^3/h/m^2
Number of Filter Presses 2
Flow Rate to Filter Adjusted for Availability 1053 gpm 239.1 m^3/h
Total Filtration Area Required 10526 ft^2 977.9 m^2
Filter Area of Each Filter Press 5263 ft^2 489.0 m^2

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